Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fifteen Hundred Dollars!!!

OK I just looked up those scrapbookers armoire things. HMMM 1500 dollars! They seem so small at that price. The creating station seems nice and very furniture like. But the pull out table part seems really small. This one has larger table space, but the color is really ugly. And how do you get to all the stuff with that table like that? Do you have to get up and walk around it?

The scrapbox looks awesome. But there still doesn't seem like a lot of room to sit and work. But I guess I am a sucker for velcro and plastic...and black. Anything that comes in black makes me happy. Some have said that it is not worth 1600 dollars though.

I need a fairy godmother to come and whip one up for me. Or a skilled carpenter that works for peanut butter sandwiches.


  1. Wow that work station is awesome! I'm a sucker for black colored and wood furniture. Shouldn't Ikea have something simular to that?
    Oh well we can still dream!

  2. Lisa D. aka Maxinit9:24 PM

    Yikes....that hurts my pocketbook....but it looks good!

  3. OMG, I want one. We don't have products like this in the UK yet. I have an assorment of shelves, boxes, drawer systems, files all over the place which is woefully inadequate. A couple (erm, perhaps three) of these babies would sort it all out.