Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taking the challenge to scrap

I am a collector. I collect toys, Barbies, fonts, purses, and scrapbooking supplies. If I see a sale on paper I am there. Sometimes I buy things I don't even need just because the price seems so right. Now I am really paying. I am in the process of packing up my supplies to move to a new area of the house. I have so much crap. When will I ever use all these things. I have a sticker organizer filled to the brim with stickers - and I hate stickers! I rarely use them. Embellishemts are spilling out of the shoeboxes I bought to organize them. I have never opened packs of everything. Oh and the tools...where do I begin? Does one person need 5 die cutters? Make that 6, I just ordered a Big Shot.

I have a plan. I am going to scrap. Eventhough I have very few pictures, eventhough I am supposed to be packing. I am going to stop and scrap. Why? Because I need to justify the aching back I am going to have after I move all this paper paraphenalia out of the room. Justification comes in the form of completed pages. So I have been doing challenges. Scraplift challenges on 2peas, and I started a few new challenges on our board. And I already have some fruits for my labors.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost in Space

So I am losing my scraproom to a bowflex. OK my room is a disaster area anyway, I can deal. I actually hated scrapping in there. It is in the back of the house away from it all (AKA the television) But here is the problem. Where do I put all my supplies now? The scrapper's armoire is out of the question, because I am way to cheap pay for it. So what now?

I have been surveying the house looking for a corner to create a scrap haven. So far no luck. Every corner is occupied. Then someone on 2 peas posts this Martha Stewart kitchen collection and I think it is the answer to all my problems. But where do I put it???

We have a finished garage that was made into a room. At one point it was actually used, but now it is just a storage room. Wedding gifts, Barbies, and action figures as far as the eye can see. Seriously it looks like a store warehouse in there. Rashida volunteered to come for a week and help me organize it and turn it into a mega crop room. I wonder if the attic will collapse if I cram all the stuff up there? Maybe I can just create a corner for myself in there for now and organize the rest slowly. Maybe Joe and his bowflex should be relocated to the garage and I could just keep my scrap room. Decisions...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

National Scrapbooking Day

Well I had big plans...BIG ONES. I was going to scrap 12 plus hours. I was going to finish my christmas mini albums and my two wedding albums, make mother's day cards, and work on projects for the site. All this while also participating in some cybercrops and watching QVC.

Shall we say the best laid plans?? I did manage to watch QVC. I was very good too. I only bought one thing - the Karen Foster Fold n Go. What can I say? I am a bag lady. I am the proud owner of 3 rolling totes, 2 Crop n Style shoulder bags, a AMM Tote-Ally, 3 Generations rubber stamp bags, and a stuff bucket. I am still not organized - but I definitely COULD be.

So I didn't do much scrapbooking at all. But I did get up and go to AC Moore at 9am to pick up the last Xyron PCS they had in the store (the manager held it for me). Joe gave me the choice of that or a Cricut for my birthday and I went with the Xyron. I like pink, I like that it is light, and I think the fonts are so much cuter. Besides you can't beat the price - 30 bucks for a font set!!

I spent most of the evening playing with my new toy. I was a bit scared, after reading all the bad reviews online, but mine worked really well. I cut cardstock, thin paper, and even some velvet paper. So far so good.