Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So I meant to post this last month, but frankly most days I forget I even have a blog. Yea I know...I am nuts. Since I took these pictures my room has gotten even more organized. I put all my big embellishments that don't fit in jars or in my hanging organizer in plastic shoeboxes. They are labeled - metals, alphabets, glitters, clays/modeling pastes/mediums, heidi swapp, etc. But now looking at the pictures, I see I need to make cuter labels. Ugh. Also I just bought a pottery barn wallboard system so I am going to have to reconfigure.

So far my favorite parts of my room is my counter height table. I raised my long conference table up so I can use it work while standing or sitting in a bar stool. And I love the new jars I bought to put all my embellishments in. I think it will look so much better than my hardware drawers that I am using now.

I havn't put my PB Wall system up yet. I am not sure where I want to hang it. And I really should paint the walls first...but who wants to paint? Not me. I hate decorating.

Still messy...but definitely more organized.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I wish I were an early bird

Ugh why do I keep doing this to myself? Here I am 4 hours away from having to leave for a weekend crop and I have not packed a thing. Even worse is that I am still at work for another 30 minutes...so I won't even be able to start packing for another hour, which leave me with 3 hours to pack!!!

I really was looking forward to this crop months ago, when my scraproom was a mess, and I had no place to work. But now everything is so organized, that it is almost overwhelming to try to decide what to pack...especially now at the last minute. I planned to pre-plan my pages but LOL nothing ever goes according to plan. So I was up at 5:30 this morning, standing in the middle of my room staring at all of my paper. I had no clue what to pack. And now hours later at my desk at work...daydreaming about my paper...I still have no clue.

I guess I will go with the old standby (and long overdue for completion) my wedding albums. I started working on these wedding albums to give to my grandmothers 2 years ago, right after my wedding. They still on the shelf 3/4 of the way done. This weekend will be when they are finally completed it seems. And if I get bored with all the black and red of my wedding album, I will have those Lisa B QVC album kits to put together.