Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So I meant to post this last month, but frankly most days I forget I even have a blog. Yea I know...I am nuts. Since I took these pictures my room has gotten even more organized. I put all my big embellishments that don't fit in jars or in my hanging organizer in plastic shoeboxes. They are labeled - metals, alphabets, glitters, clays/modeling pastes/mediums, heidi swapp, etc. But now looking at the pictures, I see I need to make cuter labels. Ugh. Also I just bought a pottery barn wallboard system so I am going to have to reconfigure.

So far my favorite parts of my room is my counter height table. I raised my long conference table up so I can use it work while standing or sitting in a bar stool. And I love the new jars I bought to put all my embellishments in. I think it will look so much better than my hardware drawers that I am using now.

I havn't put my PB Wall system up yet. I am not sure where I want to hang it. And I really should paint the walls first...but who wants to paint? Not me. I hate decorating.

Still messy...but definitely more organized.


  1. WOW...I don't even know you and I'm impressed :-). Your space is SO organized! Good for you. I've HEARD of organizing before...but I think I'm "organization intolerant" :-) I've got good intentions though :-).
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. stop by often! :-)

  2. I am all about the re-organizing. Sometimes I just sit back in my scraproom and look back and think, "I bet I can organize that better" then the craziness insues. I like your slight compulsivness too. I am EXACTLY the same way. Why buy season 1 of Gilmore Girls when you really need all 6, Why only get 3 of the Chatterbox new paper when you need every single sheet....I have a problem... thanks for stopping by to say Hi and keeping the Martha love alive with me :)

  3. Oooh Nia bought this as well did you see what she did with hers? She said it's really heavy...I want to buy the eat sign myself...I can't wait to see how you hang yours...if my basement was finished I'd buy one myself!!