Sunday, May 06, 2007

Shopping in my own stash

Sometimes I feel the need to play little tricks on myself to jumpstart my creativity.

I like to pack up my supplies as if I am going to a crop, and wheel my tote into the kitchen and set up shop. I think the amount of stuff I have in my scraproom gets overwhelming at times and it hinders my ability to make...anything.

So I have a new trick that I recently started playing...going shopping in my stash.

Here is how I do it..step by step.

  1. Grab a few pictures and pretend you are at a scrapbook store crop. Pack a tote with all the essential tools you would take to a crop and set up in a location where you DON'T normally scrap.

  2. Go into your scraproom (or whatever) and "shop" for things to use on that layout. (Be sure to give yourself a time lime to "shop" - 20-30 minutes should probably be the max amount of time.) You can even go so far as to take a plastic bag to put your "purchases" in.

  3. Next leave your scraproom and go back to your temporary scrap area (this is a crop after all) and create your page.


This works well for me because it forces me to focus on a specific project with specific elements...I am out of my scraproom so I am not being overwhelmed by all the choices I have in there.


  1. Good tip. I make page kits for myself and it's sort of like your process. I shop my stash and I am enjoying.

  2. I wish I had your problem...but first I'd need a scrap room!!! LOL

  3. Great idea! I'm going to try this as I have sooo much stuff that's new and unused... TFS!

  4. Oh my how stupid...I was about to come here and say I wish I had that much stuff to have this problem and as I clicked on add a comment I realized I left the same comment ages ago!!!!!!!

  5. that is an AWESOME idea... thanks for sharing. You know.. I did this sort of thing a few weeks ago when i hurt my knee... i did get quite a few layouts completed in a short amount of time.