Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Speed of Life

Is it just me or did April fly by? It seems like just yesterday I was updating the site for April. Now I have to do it again for May. I swear a week only takes 3 days for me now. When I was a child time would creep by. I was scared I would be a kid forever, now I am mortified that at that thought that my youth is quickly fleeting.

They say 30 is the new 20, but some days I feel ancient. I wonder if anyone has discovered a way to slow down time. I don't mean to stop and smell the roses. I mean to actually put 36 hours in a day. Now that would be progress! I could stay up later. Get more accomplished. Actually have the time (and energy) to work on my writing, plan for the site, enjoy the forum, oh and I would scrapbook too. It is not like I have many demands on me, so seriously where does the time go?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fifteen Hundred Dollars!!!

OK I just looked up those scrapbookers armoire things. HMMM 1500 dollars! They seem so small at that price. The creating station seems nice and very furniture like. But the pull out table part seems really small. This one has larger table space, but the color is really ugly. And how do you get to all the stuff with that table like that? Do you have to get up and walk around it?

The scrapbox looks awesome. But there still doesn't seem like a lot of room to sit and work. But I guess I am a sucker for velcro and plastic...and black. Anything that comes in black makes me happy. Some have said that it is not worth 1600 dollars though.

I need a fairy godmother to come and whip one up for me. Or a skilled carpenter that works for peanut butter sandwiches.

To Scrap or To Clean? That is the question.

I rearranged my scraproom over a month ago and things are worse now than they were before. I cannot find a thing. I know I need to stop take a day and just clean it all up, but if I do that then I won't have time to scrap. I have such little scrapping time as it is. I offered my sister 20 dollars to help me clean it, and surprisingly she said yes. She must have seen the desperation in my eyes, since she usually would have requested a much higher amount.

Now I may have to move out of my scraproom temporarily. My grandmother sold her house and may have to stay with us, until her new senior housing is ready. This seems like the perfect opportunity to organize. I have been seriously thinking about investing in one of the scrapper's closets or armoire thingies. I wonder if a whole room of stuff would fit. I just think that a smaller controlled space would force me to get organized. And I could have it in the family room or the kitchen - where the action is - perhaps that will motivate me to scrap more often.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Price of Passion

I am childfree so the demands on my time are not so obvious. My job is very low-key so I don't feel worn out or tired at the end of my day. My husband and I work opposite shifts so we rarely see each other for longer than a few hours per day. So then why do I feel like I am being pulled from so many directions?

I think this may be the price of passion. When I get involved in a project, I immerse myself in it completely. It consumes my life, sometimes to the detriment of other obligations. I just have this overwhelming need to work work work until a project is done. I don't want to stop and take a break, I don't want to save some for later - I want it done - NOW.

I am beginning to think this may not be the best policy. My little brother will be 19 this week and I have not even considered what to get him for a gift. I have had the same Netflix dvd sitting on my shelf for almost two months, untouched, because I have no time to watch TV. My brother and sister want to go to NYC on Friday and I am cringing inside because I feel like I have no time to goof off in the city. My husband has grown his hair out. When did this happen?

The scary part is that I know I need to slow down. I know how terribly fleeting life is. I will never get back all this time I chose to focus on my passions. But even when I snap out of my frenetic pace for a bit, my mind is still racing, still thinking about all that needs to be done. How do you stop your mind?

I am getting no answers from writing all this. Maybe because I know that I should be doing something else. My mind is still racing. I hope when this next set of deadlines ends I will be able to stop and savor the moments. Who am I kidding? I thrive at this pace. Would I still be me if I slowed down?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Back from CKU - it's Design Team time!

It seems like I have been gone forever. My Cathy Z album track was awesome. Cathy has such a wonderful personality and spirit. It was really fun being in a class with her. My tablemates for that class were really cool too. Big shout-outs to my girls at the table in the back corner! I hope you all finished your albums.

There was a scrapbooking group from Chicago at CKU together. They had such cute matching pink and brown sweatsuits. Scrap on Sistahs! It makes me long for a club I can join in my area. I want to wear matching shirts too. :) Maybe we all can have matching shirts at Diversity Designs. Granted, we are all spread out across the country, but at least I would know someone somewhere matched me.

Speaking of Diversity Designs...the design team call is officially over. Finally, we can get to the good part - selecting our team. We have received so many amazing submissions it is going to be so hard for us to narrow it down. We are actually contemplating expanding the team a bit, to accommodate more talented artists.

It is so good to be back! I had a great time in Chicago, but I am oh so tired. I can't wait until the weekend so I can relax and renew.