Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taking the challenge to scrap

I am a collector. I collect toys, Barbies, fonts, purses, and scrapbooking supplies. If I see a sale on paper I am there. Sometimes I buy things I don't even need just because the price seems so right. Now I am really paying. I am in the process of packing up my supplies to move to a new area of the house. I have so much crap. When will I ever use all these things. I have a sticker organizer filled to the brim with stickers - and I hate stickers! I rarely use them. Embellishemts are spilling out of the shoeboxes I bought to organize them. I have never opened packs of everything. Oh and the tools...where do I begin? Does one person need 5 die cutters? Make that 6, I just ordered a Big Shot.

I have a plan. I am going to scrap. Eventhough I have very few pictures, eventhough I am supposed to be packing. I am going to stop and scrap. Why? Because I need to justify the aching back I am going to have after I move all this paper paraphenalia out of the room. Justification comes in the form of completed pages. So I have been doing challenges. Scraplift challenges on 2peas, and I started a few new challenges on our board. And I already have some fruits for my labors.


  1. Love the layouts and the photos are great!

  2. Girl that's a lot of stuff...I'm with you about the stickers, but invite a girl scout troop over to scrap, they need to complete albums for a photography badge and just charge a love the stickers.

    Make a ton of cards with the stickers and sell at the next community yardsale.

    Set out all your tools on a table and have a Friday night crop...charge a tool fee and let others use them.

    When I moved to my new room, I purged by creating a giveaway box...stuff I give away when I teach or when someone comes to visit.

    At least you were productive with your pages:)

  3. Gorgeous layouts, Roselyn!! You have GOT to start scrapping more - I need the inspiration!!