Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost in Space

So I am losing my scraproom to a bowflex. OK my room is a disaster area anyway, I can deal. I actually hated scrapping in there. It is in the back of the house away from it all (AKA the television) But here is the problem. Where do I put all my supplies now? The scrapper's armoire is out of the question, because I am way to cheap pay for it. So what now?

I have been surveying the house looking for a corner to create a scrap haven. So far no luck. Every corner is occupied. Then someone on 2 peas posts this Martha Stewart kitchen collection and I think it is the answer to all my problems. But where do I put it???

We have a finished garage that was made into a room. At one point it was actually used, but now it is just a storage room. Wedding gifts, Barbies, and action figures as far as the eye can see. Seriously it looks like a store warehouse in there. Rashida volunteered to come for a week and help me organize it and turn it into a mega crop room. I wonder if the attic will collapse if I cram all the stuff up there? Maybe I can just create a corner for myself in there for now and organize the rest slowly. Maybe Joe and his bowflex should be relocated to the garage and I could just keep my scrap room. Decisions...


  1. Beautiful stuff. If moving to the garage means you get that stuff, I vote for that.

  2. Catherine8:22 PM

    You can get that Martha stuff at Kmart....I saw the table and fell in LOVE!

  3. Love the look of that room... mmmm so pretty and clean!