Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Apparently I have an obsessive personality.

I collect toys (mainly Barbie) and they are all over the house. I have a collection that would make most kids squeal with glee.

I love a tv show (namely Dawson's Creek) so I watch the DVDs constantly, and I even watch the reruns on The N and TBS.

I love paper, so as you may guess, my stash of paper crafting supplies is out of control. I must have been a packrat in another life, because I can collect things like no other. But what about using them? Hmm...not so much.

But that is me. I can accept that I like to see things pile up and surround me until I am trapped by my clutter. Truly I am okay with that. However, I am not okay with my compulsion to keep adding to the clutter by buying things I don't need. Do I really need every die cutter on the market? Do I need inkpads in every color, eventhough I usually only use black, brown and blue? Should I buy 3 packs of brads just because they are on clearance?

So last night, I was casually strolling the 2peas boards, when I spy an interesting post. Apparently Lisa B has branched into selling more than just album kits on her website. So I follow the link intrigued by the post that claimed she had a huge chipboard set for a great price. Guess what? She does. Guess what else? I ordered it. Do I need a huge stack of chipboard when I rarely scrapbook anymore? Nope. Could I resist the urge to buy it anyway? Absolutely not. I will let you know how it is once it arrives.

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  1. Oh, my. You will have to let me know how the set is - I'm afraid to go look. I DO run out of chipboard faster than I should - especially alphas. Enabler!!