Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Whimsy with Simple Stories and Kiwi Lane Designs

Please head over to the Kiwi Lane Designs blog to check out my Weekend Whimsy projects. I used the Simple Stories December Documented collection along with my Kiwi Lane Designs templates to make an altered cookie sheet chalkboard and a mini album. I had so much fun making these projects, I hope you will check them out. Also be sure to visit the Kiwi Lane Facebook and Simple Stories Facebook pages for more inspiration and ideas.


Pocket Mini Album

This book is so simple and the perfect project to make on a crafty Saturday or Sunday. The dimensions of my album were 4x6 but you can easily make it larger just but using wider paper. To make this book you will need 12x12 cardstock - 1 sheet for the cover, 1 sheet for the back, and a sheet for each page you want to include in the album.

Making the pages - Cut your paper 8"W x 12" L - (these will be your front and back cover pages and any pages you that you DON'T want to have a pocket.) Score your paper along the 8" width at 4" then turn your paper and score it at the 6" mark along your 12" side. Glue each fold together, Be sure to use a bone folder to make things flat and  well adhered. Now you should have a 4x6 rectangle that is very sturdy because it is 4 layers thick. Repeat as desired.

Making pocket pages - Cut your paper 8" W x 10" L. Score your paper along the 8" width at 4" then turn your paper and score it at the 6" mark along your 10" side. Fold the paper in half so that you have a 4"x10" page and then glue it together. Next use a strong adhesive like ScorTape or Red Line tape and tape alone each side of the 6" fold to create a pocket. (One side of your page will be a pocket, the other will be solid.) Repeat as desired.

Binding - I simply punched two holes in each page (I used my Binderie punch), put  an eyelet in each hole and held it together with binder rings - like the ones that come with the Kiwi Lane Templates. (Coil binding with a Bind It All or Cinch would work well, also binding it would ribbon would work too) Note: You can either decorate your pages first then punch the holes, or punch the holes then decorate, just remember that holes will be on each page as you create your design.

Decorating the pages - I used a combo of my templates (Sunnybrook Lane, Tiny Shapes, Tiny Tags, Journey, Tiny Brackets, Tiny Accents) elements from the papers, embellishments that matched the collection, and a few items from my stash to decorate my mini. The tags for the pockets were made with the Tags templates set...they fit in the pockets really well. 

My husband has gotten into Instagram thanks to our nieces and he can use this book for pictures he takes during the holidays. It is the perfect size for small 2" or 3" square photos.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Roselyn, I just saw your message on my blog. So cool to connect with someone in Middlesex Co. I had a bit of a time getting the scan n cut but now it is happily playing in my craftspace. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I plan on never leaving the room. I love this cutter. I have a long cutter history and even though I have only been playing with it for a few hours I can tell you it is love at first sight. Awesome print and cut. I watched your awesome videos, great job. Wish I had the time to jump feet first into videos and tutorials but my work schedule is really demanding. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope I have something to bring to the crafty table with this cutter. I am here in Woodbridge. You can reach me anytime on my blog and my email is LhueyC at aol dot com. Great to meet you my crafty friend and your work is fantastic. Thanks again,