Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trying to get organized

Getting close to the new year, that time for resolutions. I start I'd get a jump start or catch up on years of failed resolutions rather, and get to trying to tame my craft room now. I have a library card catalog which I love. It sits behind me and things are at my fingertips (In a way), but still I hate digging through drawers and containers to find that perfect embellishment.

So finally after years of being too cheap, after jumping on other storage bandwagons, I have decided to get a ScrapRack I have put it off long enough, I think this will be just the thing I need to keep my embellishments accessible, and therefore usable. My hubby is getting it for me as an early Christmas present and I cannot wait! I ordered some file folder pockets (like the kind they use to hold legal case files) to start sorting my stuff using Tiffany Spaulding's system (the creator of the ScrapRack).

My card catalog
The ScrapRack

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