Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two more calendars

I am still on my calendar making kick. After years of imagining making calendars, and collecting supplies I am finally doing it.

I have been asked a number of times to share how I am making my calendars...I am working on doing a quick video about them. They are so simple, since they really are just a scrapbook page with a calendar instead of a photo. (I really think that last sentence just explained it all. Do I still need to do a tutorial?)



  1. I love your stuff!
    I've left you an award on my blog. :)

  2. Boy o' boy do these calendars look like a lot of work. They are so very beautiful, that's why I can only imagine how long this is taking you to do. That's probably why I don't make my own calendars.

    You had commented on my blog asking how I got my hands on a Stempelglede stamp. If you contact Benedikte at the Denmark store Unik Scrap (which is on the list of stores that carry the stamps), she will sell and ship them to you. She really makes an effort to ship the most economic way as possible also. If you want to contact her directly, her e-mail is:

    Good luck! Their stamps are so beautiful, you'll love them if you get any. I initially fell in love with the cards and projects the Design Team makes. Really detailed, whimsical work and so gorgeous. Now I'm in love with all her stamps.

  3. where did you get your calendars? Was it a free download by chance? I would love to make a calendar like yours.