Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Musical Map

I am a really big music fan. My tastes are all over the place. I have been thinking about diversity 24/7 these days. I am a profile in diversity. Not for the obvious reasons - my gender, my culture, my race, my hubby - but because my tastes in all things wander the globe. Especially my music. I just stared at my CD collection this morning (yep I am old school. I even still have cassettes, that I refuse to get rid of) and I noticed how eclectic it was. I have 80's hair band Poison next to 90's Euro-popsters Ace of Base, next to The Best of 2 Live Crew, next to a big band compilation.

The changes of my life can be mapped out in this collection of audio recordings. I went through phases where I loved all things metal, then I wanted to become a club kid so I have a nice range of dance mixes, then I wanted to be "deep" because I was about to go to college so I have alternative stuff. Of course, there are the albums I own because some boy I had a crush on was really in to the group, so in my attempts to garner his attention I bought something I really didn't like. Or the albums I had to have because everyone had them too. Peer pressure can be the most cruel when you are forced to spend money on Kokomo by the Beach Boys.

My list of the Top 10 Artists that are Profiles in Diversity (in no particular order)

Black Eyed Peas - They are all over the place musically. Are they conscious rappers or fun loving pranksters? Then with the addition of Fergie...I am still not sure where to categorize them.

Prince he just may be the human personification of diversity.

Linkin Park - Rock and Rap merge in this multicultural band. Faint is one of my all time favorites.

Aretha Franklin
- the woman sang opera on the Grammys when Pavarotti was ill.

Madonna - she is like a chameleon. I love how she created herself and morphed with the times. Did anyone ever expect Madonna to make a CD like Ray of Light?

Speaking of morphing with the times... LL Cool J. What other rapper has remained this successful throughout the years. I think he may have 3 generations of fans.

Santana - Do I need to explain?

Rod Stewart
- Rock, pop, disco, now standards. I am HUGE fan.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - They rap, they rock...I can play them when I want to be mellow or when I want to dance. Very cool.

Ice-T - Isn't it ironic that a rapper who had a rock band (Body Count) that openly criticized the police, plays a cop on SVU? I smirk every time I watch him on that show.


  1. I think that you have great taste in music.

  2. It is just to ironic that we have so much in common. I have about 800 cassetes that I will not get rid of. For many years and probably now also my top favorites were, The Police, Al Jarreau, Earth Wind and Fire,James Taylor, Minnie Riperton, and Kenny Loggins.
    Lately I've fallen in love with Maroon 5. I also listen to alot of Gospel, I love Fred Hammond.

  3. I am all over the place with my music choices too. from sting to isley brothers, from queen to amerie (just thinking off the top of my head) to the sound of music and show tunes. i think i just like classic stuff no gimmicks.classic hip hop, classic rock. reflects how i grew up, we listened to everything. radio played everything, back then.

  4. Love your map of diverse...absolutely love Madonna's Ray of is such a beautiful thing. What would the world be without it?!